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What is Work Stride?

Work Stride, developed by Johns Hopkins Medicine, is a free service that GoMD offers which provides information and the support of an oncology nurse navigator to help employees, dependents, caregivers and managers understand and navigate the cancer journey. This keeps everyone who has access informed, engaged and feeling supported.

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Nurse Navigator

A Johns Hopkins oncology nurse navigator is available to help you:

  • Learn about available cancer screenings and prevention, healthy lifestyle practices and how your family history and genetics affect your cancer risk;
  • Make the most of the program’s tools and resources;
  • Find — if you are recently diagnosed — the right care, at the right place, at the right time;
  • From the moment of your or your loved one’s diagnosis through treatment to survivorship and beyond;
  • No matter where you or your loved one find yourself on the cancer journey;
  • Understand, if you are a manager, the impact of a cancer diagnosis and treatment on your department;
  • Evaluate your ability to work during treatment;
  • Understand your employee benefits and how to use them effectively;
  • Find financial resources and information about copay and medication assistance programs;
  • Understand the importance of advanced directives, healthcare agents, and planning for the future.

Work Stride features information on a range of topics to help you and your family navigate your cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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