Virtual Primary Care is a key element of the healthcare revolution.

Telemedicine has gained widespread acceptance over the past several years. Convenience, accessibility, and affordability make telemedicine a practical alternative to in-person physician visits.

Like telemedicine, Virtual Primary Care delivers its services by secure HIPAA-compliant phone, app, email and through video conference. Unlike telemedicine, Virtual Primary Care (VPC) offers a broad range of primary care services similar to what you would expect in a face-to-face visit with a traditional primary care physician (other than a 30-minute wait in the germ-filled waiting room).

Advantages of Virtual Primary Care

  1. You have access to your primary care doctor instead of “a” doctor.With telemedicine, a patient contacts an anonymous bank of doctors, where the doctor next in the queue consults with the patient using a series of questions. This doctor then provides a treatment recommendation or prescription. The information collected through the remote session is sent to the patient’s named primary care doctor, but the next time the patient calls in, they are likely to get a different doctor and the get-to-know-you process will begin all over again.With VPC, a patient connects with the same primary care doctor every timetheir personal Virtual Primary Care doctor—the one who knows and has access to that patient’s complete medical history; the same doctor who is familiar with and understands his or her patient’s unique health concerns.
  2. Your VPC provider can effectively manage your chronic disease. Telemedicine doctors provide treatment advice and write prescriptions for a narrow list of acute conditions and symptoms that don’t meaningfully affect the dollar amount that an employer’s health plan spends; they don’t provide ongoing treatment for patients already diagnosed with a chronic disease.A VPC provider has access to your entire medical history, and therefore knows your medications, your symptoms, how well your condition is currently controlled and what treatments have been prescribed. Your VPC provider knows you and becomes your trusted partner in managing your chronic care.
  3. Specialty care, labs, diagnostics and health coaching are part of the GoMd VPC ecosystem.Unlike general telemedicine or even other Virtual Primary Care providers, GoMd has partnerships with companies that provide labs and diagnostics at drastically reduced fees. Our system also gives patients access to specialty providers and health coaches, and all patient data is securely held in our Electronic Health Records system so that your VPC provider sees a full picture of your health and wellness.

To learn more about GoMd’s Virtual Primary Care telemedicine services, contact us at 1.866.978.6749.