For Immediate Release:  Immunocompromised people are most likely to die from coronavirus.

All authorities, both in the U.S. and abroad, universally agree that people with compromised immune systems are the most susceptible to dying from CoVid 19 infection.

GoMD, a leader in Virtual Health solutions also has partnerships with premier chronic disease experts.

You can take our Covid-19 Assessment here.

Do you know if you are immunocompromised?

GoMD has partnered with an expert team from Harvard Medical School and MIT. This group has developed an on-line and blood-based algorithm to assess you immune system health and, by extension, your risk with respect to the CoronaVirus.

GoMD has exclusive rights to this testing – which includes a 1 hour YouTube live group consultation on the interpretation of the labs and solutions on how to lower your risks. If concerned about your coronavirus risk, you can learn more with the below links:

Finally:  If you wish to have a one-on-one consultation on the lab results and recommendations with Dr. Lewis, order here.

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Stay safe and be well,

Dr. Thomas Lewis and Dr. Michael Carter