There are a lot of telemedicine companies out there. And many people actually already have a telemedicine benefit in their health care plan. So, what makes GoMd’s Virtual Health Care platform special?

    1. With GoMd Virtual Care, you can select a plan that allows you to see the same doctor every time. This provider becomes your Virtual Primary Care doctor, who you can reach by unlimited text, email or messaging at any time. You aren’t working with whatever random doctor who was available when you called. You are building a trusted relationship with your own caring doctor and communicating with them regularly.
    2. GoMd partners with, which provides deeply discounted labs and blood tests. You can upload your results into the GoMd portal so that a doctor (or your Virtual Primary Care Provider) can read and analyze them for you.
    3. GoMd offers price transparency through our partner This service allows you to compare prices for a specific medical procedure in your area so you can make an informed decision before undergoing surgery.
    4. Health coaching can enhance your wellness in many ways. GoMd partners with health coaches across the country who can work in tandem with your GoMd provider to help you achieve your ultimate health goals.
    5. GoMd offers products that improve your wellness, from nutritional supplements, to fitness products to skin and hair care regimens. Our goal is to offer products and services to enhance your overall well being. We believe in healthcare for everyone.