Pratter Price Transparency

Medical price transparency:  Knowing the cost of your care before you buy helps save you money. You wouldn’t go out to a restaurant and have them send you a bill later, so why would you do that with your healthcare?

Pratter empowers consumers with the ability to save on medical care via true cost transparency. helps consumers to search for medical procedures in their local area, which allows them to save on medical costs.  Our price transparency tool helps consumers keep more of their hard-earned dollars and helps employers and unions save big money on health care. We are independent of insurance companies, so we can focus on you.

Sign up for free with GoMd, a $5.00 per month value that is included in your membership! We will text you the access code after you join. Check out the short video below to see how easy it is to use Pratter.

price transparencyHelping millions save billions. helps consumers to search and save on medical costs.

Pratter is independent of insurance companies, allowing them to focus on you. Employers and unions save big money on health care, which can fuel company growth. Employees and members save on out-of-pocket costs, allowing them to take home more of their pay.

Some benefits of the Pratter Price Transparency Tool: