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Helping Organizations Make More Money and Keep More Money

We know that it is more challenging than ever to navigate business regulations, taxes, increasing health care costs, and the new pandemic environment. You’ll love the unique tools we’ve developed to help your organization ‘thrive.

How can a partnership with GoMD help your business?

GoMD Virtual Health.

We capture waste within a company and repurpose it to provide value. This arms your organization with extreme employee loyalty and the best competitive edge in the industry. Partnering with us, you will be able to capture:

  • A zero net-cost benefit that provides employees with an after-tax medical reimbursement. The program provides a $500 annual tax savings per employee to employers.
    Employees may be eligible to receive an after-tax medical reimbursement that can pay for our wellness program. This can be used to lower liability for the company and empowers your brokers when negotiating health and workers comp insurance rates. Download the Census document here and email the completed spreadsheet to rylan@gomd.care
  • Business leaders can receive “freebie” of their choice: Business Overhead Expense Coverage, Disability, or Retirement Life
    This is funded through capturing waste in an unregulated financial sector of your business by a non-profit partner.
  • Partially or Fully Funded PPE/UV-c Lights and Healthy Workplace versus Pathogens
    A partner can capture waste from company utility bills. There is no cost to participate. The partner organization feeds their kids with 50% of the savings captured. $0 if none found. ($10 million was captured from City of Denver)
  • Financial Fitness
    Leveraging a proprietary software and a high interest savings account allows businesses to view a path to eliminate employer/employee debt in 10 years or less. (Including mortgage and business debt. Often without spending any more money than was already being spent.)
  • Business Tax Incentives & Expense Reductions
    Our technology can tell an organization in five minutes, or less, the amount of money that can be directed into their liquid cash reserves often in the $10s to $100s of thousands of dollars. One of the credits includes up to $14,000 for each employee.

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Emergency Relief for Business Owners

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By completing a quick survey, our software will search hundreds of Local, State, and Federal programs that fit your qualifications and help you claim your benefit.

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Affected by COVID-19? Emergency Employer relief is here. Earn up to $14,000 per employee. Our Software Searches Hundreds of Local, State, and Federal Tax Credits. In Real Time.

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Commercial property owners pay low or no taxes. Cost Segregation Studies are a lucrative tax strategy that can result in benefits up to $200,000 per property.

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Businesses all over America have been affected by tax hikes. Our average client receives over $240,000 in benefits. Get an estimated benefit in 30 seconds.

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Round Out Your Benefits Portfolio

You do a lot for your employees! We know every dollar is important. What if you can enhance your benefit package without any additional dollars? Employees have their choice of benefits below on a voluntary basis.  It’s great for enhancing coverage for dependents that aren’t 100% covered by the organization or giving employees Gap Closing Options on their deductibles and copays.  It has all been automated so as to not add any additional administration burden to your organization.
  • Automated Quote and Application for Health Insurance
  • Automated Quote and Application for Life Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Retirement Life Insurance
  • Voluntary GAP Closing Coverage
  • Legal Services and Identity Protection
  • Fully funded FSAs
  • Long-Term Care Insurance

We have tools to strengthen your benefit package with additional voluntary choices and the ability to build employee loyalty by offering coverage to dependents that are not covered 100% by the company

Life Insurance

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Retirement Life Insurance

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accident insurance

Accident Insurance

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pet insurance

Pet Insurance

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Legal Services & Identity Protection

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