Modern Healthcare
Made Simple

We serve our members by providing access to free services, discounted labs, pharmaceuticals, and imaging, our healthcare community, wellness information, and virtual health care.

modern healthcare

Individuals and Families

Do you want to understand your health better? Do you want to save money on prescriptions, imaging and bloodwork?

GoMD Offers  Modern Healthcare

  • Conveniently manage all health and lifestyle needs in one place

  • Discounted Medical Labs and Diagnostics, Prescriptions and Bloodwork

  • 24/7/365 Behavioral Health

  • Peer-to-Peer Support Community

  • Member Health Advocacy

  • Health Insurance and Benefit Marketplace

  • Mental Health Tools + Support

  • National Discount Membership for Health and Lifestyle

  • Energy / Healing Workshops

  • Cancer Support

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Are you looking to become a Direct Primary Care Provider? Are you looking to increase your practice offerings of services or products?

GoMD Provider Toolkit

GoMD has curated a world-class toolkit of high-quality products and services designed to help our providers increase their offerings, see patients virtually, and grow their practices. We offer resources, education and guidance to help you make your DPC or VPC practice a success.

  • DPC University

  • Functional Medicine

  • Electronic Health Records

  • Remote Patient Monitoring

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modern healthcare
modern healthcare

Businesses, Organizations, Associations and Unions

Is your business suffering from high heath care costs? Do you know if your HR is providing the best solutions for your population?

Advance the Health of Your Organization

Protect your members or employees as well as your bottom line.

The health industry is changing. Leverage GoMD’s state-of-the-art Virtual Health Care system to provide your members or employees with best health care solutions and services. Reduce claims and cut unwanted costs out of your budget while keeping your people healthy.

Helping you take care of business.

Find out how we can help you save time and money, retain more of your workforce, increase productivity, and provide for those who haven’t had access to health care.

  • Offer enhanced benefits to your members or employees

  • Reduce sick time and time off work for medical appointments

  • Easy and convenient to sign up and use

  • Save money and increase employee health and morale

  • Covid-19 virtual screening and testing

AI Technology for Claims Harvesting and Invoicing

GoMD technology can streamline your claims harvesting, invoicing and billing processes to save time and money for yourself and your clients.

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