GoMD Healthcare News

GoMD Healthcare News

Virtual Health Care Could Save the U.S. Billions Each Year

The conventional wisdom that the best care is delivered in-person by experienced caregivers may soon be overturned. Rising health care costs, a shortage of physicians, and an aging population are making the traditional model of care increasingly unsustainable. But new uses [...]

What is Virtual Primary Care?

Virtual Primary Care is a key element of the healthcare revolution. Telemedicine has gained widespread acceptance over the past several years. Convenience, accessibility, and affordability make telemedicine a practical alternative to in-person physician visits. Like telemedicine, Virtual [...]

How Telemedicine is Transforming the Doctor-Patient Relationship

If telemedicine hasn’t revolutionized healthcare, it has certainly revamped it. It has extended providers’ reach to areas where care might not be readily available, and allowed patients much-needed access. Such convenience is the primary reason telemedicine — defined as [...]

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