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GoMD Healthcare News

Consumers Want Virtual Care Options

Can the health care system deliver? Improved technology, increased access to smart devices, consumer expectations, evolving state and federal policies, and the transition to value-based care are all driving virtual health adoption. Evidence is mounting that virtual health [...]

Chronic illness around the holidays

When you’re chronically ill, you might look forward to the holiday season, but also experience feelings of apprehension, anxiety or grief. You aren’t alone. One of the best things you can do now is to prepare for any [...]

Why Patient Behavior Change Is Key for Chronic Disease Management

To make chronic disease management and patient behavior change effective, healthcare professionals must create strategies that play on patients' overall lifestyle goals. Chronic disease management may rank as one of the key priorities in the healthcare industry [...]

Health Coaching Drives Patient Behavior Change, Weight Loss

Health coaching is an effective measure for preventing or managing chronic illness according to a study published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. Health coaching is an effective patient engagement strategy because it puts disease and [...]

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