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GoMD Healthcare News

Coronavirus: Vulnerable Populations

GoMd Medical Experts Weigh In On Those Most At-Risk Against COVID-19 Written by: Thomas J. Lewis, Ph.D. Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson Vulnerable Populations “Preliminary data suggest that older adults and persons with underlying health conditions [...]

Immunocompromised People Most Likely to Die from Covid-19

For Immediate Release:  Immunocompromised people are most likely to die from coronavirus. All authorities, both in the U.S. and abroad, universally agree that people with compromised immune systems are the most susceptible to dying from CoVid [...]

Saving time, money and lives with Teletriage

Telehealth is not new to the emergency department, but at least one health system has found a novel way to deploy it. Next month Banner Health is launching a teletriage program in its high-volume emergency departments in [...]

The Rising Cost of Health Care

Why health care costs are making consumers more afraid of medical bills than an actual illness Health care costs are spiraling higher, but patient visits to a doctor have been on the decline. A growing number of [...]

Study finds wellness coaching benefits last over time

Wellness coaching is an increasingly popular strategy for improving health and well-being, yet it remains relatively unstudied. Most published research has looked at outcomes for specific medical problems such as cardiovascular disease and weight management, even though [...]

The Future Of Healthcare Is Virtual

Virtual Health Care is a quickly growing segment of the health care industry because it provides real and measurable benefits to patients. Virtual Health Care has been cited as being particularly helpful in rural areas, where the [...]

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