Virtual Health Field Kits

One challenge of today’s healthcare system is that access to care is often restricted due to location or availability. Population in rural areas across the country suffer from limited access to care. Specialists are often too far from patients and care clinics are unable to keep up with the demand.

GoMD has a solution: Portable kits and devices that can bridge the gap between patient and medical professionals and foster improved healthcare.

  • Safe and Secure – Locking compartments prevent loss and unauthorized use of kits or its medical devices.

  • Fully Mobile – A sleek design with a small footprint makes our kits easy to maneuver and use.

  • Intuitive and Robust – Our telemedicine kits are designed around flexibility to ensure your needs are met.

telehealth field kits
telehealth field kit
telehealth field kit
telehealth field kit

Transportable Exam Station

The GoMD Transportable Exam Station – TES – offers a state of the art method for reaching patients in remote environments. TES is a compact, mobile rolling case that safely houses a tablet PC and other fully connected devices. This rugged all-in-one unit offers you the ability to travel to your patients with the latest connected medical technology conveniently at your side.

telehealth field kit

Portable Fundus Camera

GoMD offers an easy-to-use hand held portable camera that utilizes non-mydriatic technology to capture images of the fundus. The unique design and advanced technology allows it to capture still and video images of the inside of the eye. Images captured are crisp and clear aiding in the early detection of eye diseases. The low initial investment and ease of use makes it the ideal telemedicine tool to screen and increase referrals to your practice.

telehealth field kit

Clear Steth

The ClearSteth® Stethoscope and Hosted Solution were designed with the end user in mind. With an intuitive interface, tele-auscultation is as simple as connecting your chest piece to the PC, opening the application and connecting to the clinician providing the exam to remotely share high quality heart, lung and body sounds.

telehealth field kit

Total Exam 3

With its superior HD image quality, intuitive design and modularity, the TotalExam 3 advances telemedicine imagery to a whole new level. Interchangeable heads, combined with a broad range of focus, allows the TotalExam 3 to be used in a wide range of applications where clear, precise images are essential. Attachments include: manual focus head, otoscope head, tongue depressor attachment and derm hood. The Variable Polarizing Hood further expands its range.

For more information on GoMD field kits, please use our chat feature and we will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you for your interest in GoMD.