Virtual Healthcare
Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I pay more to add a Health Coach?

Adding Health Coaching to your membership is a great decision! The extra fee covers actual hard costs that GoMd incurs, like additional resources on the server, transaction fees and insurance.

How do I add a family member to my account?

If you would like to add family members, just:

  • Click the drop-down arrow in the top right corner by your name.
  • Select Edit Profile
  • At the bottom of your profile you will see fields for family members. On the right is the ability to “Create a New Member”
  • Fill out the information. You will receive an email at the address you enter that you will need to verify before the member is activated, unless you are registering a child at your own email address.
What do I do after I register?

Check your inbox for a verification email.

Login to the GoMd portal: https://portal.gomd.care/

You will see three tabs that require your attention:

  • Medications History
  • Past Medical History
  • Authorization for Release of Medical Information

Please fill out each tab to the best of your ability. You will need to sign each one in order to proceed to the next tab.

Once all the medical forms are complete you will be able to make your first appointment!

Please send us questions and we may add them over time!

Go to our contact page and send us a question.

Is my Information safe?

Yes. Your information is safe and secure with our system. Our system is certified and compliant with all federal and state guidelines. We encrypt all data and video communication with your care giver is encrypted as required by law.

Why should I use Virtual Health Care?

It’s easy and secure. It saves you time and money. Your whole family can use it. And if you like your doctor, you can keep them as your Virtual Primary Care Physician.

Let’s say your child has a fever and a sore ear. You suspect an ear infection, but it is late at night.  Book an appointment. If the doctor evaluates it as an infection that is not an emergency, then he can prescribe you the medications you need. Luckily, you have a 24 hour pharmacy near by and the doctor calls in the medication.

What is the cost and how do I pay for the consultation?

Introductory rates are available for individuals and families.  If you receive your GoMd benefit through your company, there may or may not be a per appointment fee. Please ask your company representative for  more information.

GoMd accepts all credit and debit cards.

What medications can be prescribed?

Medications can be prescribed as long as it is allowed by federal and state laws of your location. We do not allow our providers to prescribe certain medications however, such as narcotic pain killers.

Can I transfer my plan into or out of a group or individual plan?

Yes. Send us an email or call us and we can help you make the transfer so you can keep using the system.

Do you have an iphone or android app?

We are currently developing the next generation app that works securely with our system.

Do you accept insurance, medicaid, medicare?

In November of 2017 we will begin accepting insurance. Medicaid and Medicare also is covering certain Telemedicine services. Most states have laws in place that require insurance to cover Telemedicine.

What languages are available?

English and Spanish is available in most states. We are currently in the process of finding providers for other languages as well because our system supports over 32 languages.

What is the appointment cancellation policy?

Once an appointment is set we cannot refund. We can credit your account for your next visit.

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