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How the COVID-19 Crisis is Impacting Employee Emotional Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only made individuals feel more stressed, it has increased the risk of developing serious mental health and substance use conditions. In the midst of the pandemic, a much larger segment of the population is experiencing anxiety, isolation, and a lack of control. This can lead to stress overload, a chronic state of vulnerability proven to make people more susceptible to developing or aggravating physical and mental health problems.

Protecting Emotional Health During a Crisis

Proactive outreach and a holistic assessment of overall emotional health is critically important to identifying those at increased risk during this crisis. As the first step toward providing responsive and proactive care, our targeted assessment tool identifies the unique challenges and risk factors individuals face. Participants immediately receive personalized results and same-day connection to a mental health professional. This data-driven solution and its weekly outreach tools allow organizations and individuals to track risk for stress overload – in real time – for continued monitoring and progress.