Learn Everything You Need to Know About DIRECT PRIMARY CARE

At DPC University, we work with medical professionals interested in learning about the Direct Primary Care Model, invite them to ask insightful questions, and teach them how to reach beyond conventional ways of thinking about healthcare. From research, marketing strategy, legal requirements and optimized pricing, GoMD and AHD have partnered to bring you the most up to date information you will need to start your DPC practice. We even provide templates for all of the documents you need, including patient agreements, policies and procedures,  HIPAA, and Regulatory and Medicare compliance. We are here to mentor you every step of the way!

GoMD and AHD can help you transition to Direct Primary Care,  Virtual Primary Care, or a hybrid where you still accept insurance. Learn how to set up your DPC, become part of the GoMD-AHD network of doctors and make the most of your DPC practice. Contact dpc@gomd.care to learn more.