GoMD Cost Savings

Save Time and Money with GoMD

We want our members to have access to resources and learn about all of the different ways GoMD can get you healthy and keep you healthy through our services and education. We will continuously work to provide you with the best options on the market for all of your healthcare needs so you can have “Your Health. Your Way.

A GoMD Membership can pay for itself not only by providing excellent medical care through our world-class health care platform, but also by providing extensive cost savings on lab work, imaging and diagnostics, wellness products, and more. Our members see immediate savings by using a quality GoMD Provider for their Virtual Primary Care. We can also help you save up to 90% on labs and imaging, as we can offer you a high-quality MRI for as low as $350.00 – even with insurance an MRI costs an average of $3,500.00. GoMD has also partnered with FlexPerx, which is free with your GoMD Membership. Using the FlexPerx Discount Program for everyday purchases can save you close to $2000.00 a year, which would more than cover the cost of your GoMD Membership!

GoMD Cost Savings

Below is a chart depicting comparisons between common visit types. We show Average Cash Pay for people who do not have insurance or choose to pay for services directly. The Insured column does take deductibles into consideration for people with insurance, although please note that there are many different plans out there with various levels of coverage. The third option shows the GoMD rates for the common types of visits for our starter and upgraded members. This data is for virtual visits where you do not need to go into a location, which accounts for around 85% of healthcare appointments.

GoMD Virtual Health Care Cost Savings
* GoMD Urgent Care and ER Visits are virtual and for non-emergencies only.