GoMD Chronic Condition Support

Reversing chronic disease is about Consistency. Preventing chronic disease is about Knowledge.

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How does Chronic Condition Support work?


Retail  Price

GoMD Price

 Chronic Disease Assessment + Consult (one-on-one) $99 $84
Chronic Disease Temperature Panel + Consult$299$239
CDT Panel w/Full Thyroid & Iron Balance + Consult$390$332
Full Thyroid Panel + Consult$150$120
Eye Report Review + Consult$120$85
1 Hr Functional Physician Consult$500$350
3 Hrs with a GoMD Provider$550$498
6 Hrs Health Revival Coaching$350$298
1 Hr Physician Consult$350$263
Comprehensive Brain Assessment + Consult$195$156
Comprehensive Infectious Panel + Consult$585$468
Chronic Infection Screening + Consult$195$165
CDT Biomarkers + Infection Screening + Consult$390$312
Pathogen DNA Metagenomic Sequencing + Consult$1,200$1,020
Viral RNA Metagenomic Sequencing + Consult$1,500$1,200
Brain Revival Complete Program$2,950$2,507
Gut Revival Program$625$499
Unresolved Problems Package$1,975$1,777
Revive from Type 2 Diabetes Program$990$891
OralDNA MyPerioPath$195$176
OralDNA MyPerioID & MyPerioPath$245$221
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