Billing and Credentialing

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GoMD Medical Billing Solution

Make the claims process easier to navigate and complete with our Cloud based HIPAA compliant medical insurance billing solution. Submit claims electronically to payers and track claim status in realtime, schedule and automate downloading of ERAs, and send out Account Statements to patient explaining the charges for services rendered, insurance claims and payments applied to the account – easily and quickly. Our Medical Billing solution will save you time and money, contributing to your practice’s financial health.

  • Web Portal and Mobile Apps
  • Reduced A/R days
  • Better Tracking of Claims Status
  • Secure Messaging Service
  • ICD-10 Ready
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GoMD Credentialing Services

We help healthcare providers through the difficult process of credentialing and providing solutions for successful enrollment. In order to become a participating healthcare provider with a specific insurance company, insurance credentialing and contract negotiations must take place for each provider or healthcare facility. The credentialing process is aimed at getting these providers in-network, thus preventing patients from being out-of-network, which ultimately causes a practice to lose patients and revenue. Take the pain out of the credentialing process and let GoMD handle these enrollment services for your practice.

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