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GoMD Virtual Health

GoMD's Global Mission

GoMD’s Mission

The Mission of GoMD Virtual Health is to expand healthcare knowledge, accessibility, and affordability through technology concepts, programs, devices, and innovations– to everyone, everywhere.

We work to create and participate in the future of healthcare. We partner with healthcare technology innovators, healthcare providers, healthcare businesses and organizations, as well as ancillary businesses and organizations that can provide support to the mission, which is to provide a complete futuristic healthcare solution to the world.

GoMD will save you time and money and you will find that your GoMD Membership quickly pays for itself. All you have to do is join us and you will be changing the world and making it a better place alongside the GoMD team.

GoMD Executive Team

Bridget Marchand
Bridget MarchandCo-founder / CEO
Bridget is a determined and persistent leader who has been passionate about creating value and positive change for healthcare providers and patients over the past 20 years.
Brent Blecha
Brent BlechaCOO
Brent brings a decade of experience in organizational leadership, data, and marketing to GoMD. He has provided strategic thought leadership in marketing, data analytics, client engagement, and sales enablement to a variety of global organizations.
Dr. Mikhail Artamonov
Dr. Mikhail ArtamonovCo-founder / CMO, Integrated Health
Dr. Artamonov is a Harvard educated board certified physician with extensive training and experience, whose focus is on New Medical Technologies.

Dr. Teresita Cottrell
Dr. Teresita CottrellCo-founder / CMO, Behavioral Health
Dr. Cottrell has a PhD in Neuropsychology with extensive experience with neurological disorders and addiction recovery. She focuses on healing the whole body.
Dr. Brian Forrest
Dr. Brian ForrestCMO, Traditional Health, DPC & VPC
Dr. Forrest is the founder of Access Healthcare Direct, one of the largest DPC Networks in the Country whose focus is on Family and Community Care.
Dr. Maria C. Colon-Gonzalez
Dr. Maria C. Colon-GonzalezCMO, Espanol
Dr. Maria obtained her medical degree at the University of Puerto Rico Science Medical Campus. She provides comprehensive and holistic evidence -based family care for Hispanic/Latino patients in Texas.
Dr. Thomas Lewis
Dr. Thomas LewisChief Science Officer
Dr. Lewis is a leading authority in the mechanisms of chronic diseases. He holds a Ph.D. from MIT and credentials from the Harvard School of Public Health.
Dr. Michael Carter
Dr. Michael CarterCMO, Functional Health
Dr. Carter is a board certified physician with 35 years experience in multiple disciplines including anesthesiology, medical aesthetics, anti-aging and functional medicine.

Scott Cooper, PA-C
Scott Cooper, PA-CDirector of Advance Practice Providers
Scott is an emergency medicine PA who has provided medical care in a wide variety of circumstances and locations – from rural Alaska to large US cities.
Dr. Wendy Roberts
Dr. Wendy Roberts Chief Dermatologist
Voted as a “Best Doctor” by the Palm Springs Life Magazine from 2005-2018, Dr. Roberts’ private practice is based in Rancho Mirage, California. Her scientific and medical expertise is embraced by diverse populations worldwide.
Rylan Klaseen
Rylan KlaseenChief Relations Officer
Rylan has assembled an array of employee benefit experts and resources to provide a menu of customized, full service benefits based on each client’s unique needs.
H Wyman Howard II
H Wyman Howard II Chief Leadership Officer
A retired Captain in the U.S. Navy, Wyman has developed unique leadership programs for US government and Corporations and brings his expertise to the GoMD team to provide outstanding benefits to GoMD members.