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We serve our Members, Healthcare Providers, Partners, Businesses, Organizations and Associations by providing innovative solutions to problems that exist within the healthcare matrix. Our goal is to bring increase savings and improve outcomes while maximizing your potential to better use, provide and understand modern healthcare.


The former portal has upgraded under a new brand! Thank you for your continued support. Your login information is still the same.

New Members please follow the link to learn more and register for free.

Aloha Health One

Using our technology and partnerships we have launched the Aloha Health One brand to replace the GoMD brand only for our Member facing technologies and offerings.

We have many new additions coming in 2023 and we also now offer our technology to organizations we work with in a new way. So we decided it was a time for a change and we think you will love it.


We Collaborate With Providers and Medical Scientists Across The Globe

There are so many opportunities for you with a GoMD collaboration. From Direct Primary Care to rounding out your Traditional insurance based Practice. From starting your own Virtual Direct Platform to practicing and/or coaching people in your way. We have many solutions for you as everyone moves into a new era of medicine. Alternative modalities are welcome here as well. Have a webinar on our platform or share your videos, podcasts and knowledge with our various Communities. You have the freedom with GoMD to be the Provider you want to be in the Modern Age. Collaborate and Expand with Us. Let’s talk and make a difference together!

Direct Primary Care

Enjoy the benefits and freedoms for both you and your patients by going Direct or Virtual Direct. Learn from a Direct Care expert. Your journey starts here!

Provider Toolkit

The latest technology for any type of practice or Provider. Technologies and Solutions that can enhance your outcomes, productivity and botttom line!

The Future Together

We openly work with Providers, Professionals, and Scientists to listen to their ideas and we have created with them. When it comes to creating health we are all in this together!

Businesses, Organizations, and Associations

We Want to Be Your Solution


We have solutions for you. We can improve the way you provide for your employees or members. FSA and HSA accepted for our Memberships, Services and Products.

Integrate With Our Existing Community

Give your employees or members a better solution to manage their healthcare all in one place at an affordable cost. 

Brand Our Interchangeable Interface

White Label our platform and interchange or add the Benefits and Services you provide your community, employees or members.

Experts Available to Consult With

Colloborate with the best. You can’t make change unless you change. Why not work with people who are working for you?


GoMD took my business to a new level. We truly work together in total collaboration and the results are fantastic. We work openly for new ideas and new offerings that are actully a two way street and mutually beneficial. True partners, 1000%

Business Owner


I’ve always believed in the GoMD team since I first met them. Once you think there is no more to learn and they couldn’t possibly do something more they bring something bigger and better to the table. What we are doing together is remarkable and forward thinking and focused on the best outcomes for the people who’s lives we want to enhance through knowledge and modern healthcare practices.

GoMD Provider


My visit with an online provider through the community saved my life. It was a Friday and my Doctor was unavailable so I was seen Online with you and he told me to go into the Emergency Room for an X-Ray. I spent 2 months in the hospital but I’m still alive thanks to you all. Now I save hundreds a month on my prescriptions through the Online Pharmacy Plan and can afford things I wouldn’t have had without it. I’m glad to be part of the family.

Lifetime Member


Our Technology Your Products or Services

Offer your health related products or services on our technology platform to reach people in all of our communities. We are open to learning about your offerings and will consider all of them equally. Join us in improving lives worldwide.

Celebrating 10 Years in 2023

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